Pay-with-points payment buttons

PayPeanuts is a micropayment solution that allows users to pay with their loyalty points online. Use your points instead of money - how cool is that?

Are you selling audiobooks, movies, ebooks or other digital content? You can now easily integrate PayPeanuts payment buttons on your website. Do your customers a favour and let them use loyalty points as a payment method.

Case: Premium paid content with Finnair points

Payment solution

Unique PayPeanuts points-based payment solution implemented into a media reader.

Add your card

Simply log in and add your Finnair Plus loyalty card.

Get a daypass

Get a daypass to all content using your Finnair Plus points.

Don't lose your points

But rather use them to read premium articles on your phone.

Digital content and experiences with points

PayPeanuts enables you to get the most out of your loyalty programs. Simply by enabling you to use the points and miles online for things that you actually care about. Here is what is in it for you:

Active loyalty cards per person
USD on loyalty cards per person
BN USD unredeemed globally

Request demo

Are you an online content provider? Contact us for quick demo to see how the pay-with-points buttons work.

Frequently Ask Questions

You can also contact us for any question.

Does your platform support any loyalty program?

We can quickly integrate any loyalty program that has capabilities / APIs for points redemptions.

How much does it cost to integrate our loyalty program to your platform?

Nothing! We will do all the integration work for free. Depending on the current workload, it will take around 2 weeks to get integrated.

As a media company, how much do I have to pay for using PayPeanuts?

You don't pay anything. PayPeanuts simply takes a small commission for each payment that is done with points.

As a user, how can I use my points for payment?

PayPeanuts handles all the payments. All you need to do is to log in with your loyalty program and approve the payment.

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